The Future Of Personalization: What You Need To Know

In the age of big data, consumers are demanding more personalized experiences from the brands they interact with. AI is quickly becoming the go-to tech for delivering these experiences at scale. Exploring top trends in AI personalization, and how businesses can use this technology to improve CX.

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Microsoft Copilot: Generative AI Adds An MBA To Your Day-To-Day

Futurum Principal Analyst, Daniel Newman looks at Microsoft Office 365 Copilot and talks about how he sees it helping out organizations today and how he expects it to shake-out in the future. While it is early days for generative AI, Microsoft, Google, Meta, and more are pushing innovation.

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Exploring The Ins And Outs Of The Generative AI Boom

What started with ChatGPT has bloomed into an entire subcategory of technology with Meta, AWS, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft all racing to out innovate and deliver exciting generative AI capabilities to consumers, enterprise, developers, and more. Exploring the rapid progress in the AI space.

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