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The Future Of Work: More Hybrid, More Collaborative, More Automated

As companies pursue digital transformation — investing in new ways to collaborate, using AI to improve sales and marketing, and choose which channels were most effective for reaching their customers. One thing is for sure, work is shifting to be more hybrid, collaborative, and automated. View original article

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The Rise Of The Customer Engagement Platform

While 90% of companies say existing systems for tracking customer journeys need improvement, the challenge of improving the journey is getting harder as 3rd party data rules become more rigorous. A look at why CRM and CDP are evolving to what’s next. The rise of the Customer Engagement Platform. View original article

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Prime Day 2022 Delivered Despite Macroeconomic Concerns

Consumers have committed to cutting back on just about everything, from dining out to subscription-based services to driving, so from an economic standpoint, it was unclear just how this year’s Prime Day would go. However, it was a record breaking year, yet again, as Prime Day continues to grow. View original article

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New Study: Are CRMs Still The Powerhouse For Sales Teams?

Sales teams need to be efficient and productive to develop relationships with prospects, close deals, and nurture relationships with existing customers. A look at how new technology from Microsoft and others are shifting energy away from data entry and toward customer and sales activities. View original article

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Amazon Turns To Technology To Help Small Business Deal With Intellectual Property Challenges

Intellectual property and patents are some of a company’s most important assets in today’s business climate. However, small businesses lack resources to protect IP making Amazon’s latest efforts to help small businesses an interesting trend line in the fight against bad actors. View original article

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Can Digital Technologies Help Retailers Battle Inflation?

With the effects of the global pandemic playing out for the last two years, retailers were forced to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Now with inflation on the rise, can digital technology help battle rising prices while delivering better customer experiences? View original article

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How Next Generation Mobility Will Drive Economic Opportunities

In the last decade or so, we’ve seen a huge push to improve mobility in and around urban centers. With the introduction of autonomous driving and urban air mobility, we will see greater economic opportunity through more cost-effective access to urban centers and increased human mobility. View original article

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The Metaverse Is Coming: Three Things Businesses Are Not Thinking About

As the metaverse expands, our online or virtual personas will be as much a part of who we are and how we represent ourselves as our real-life version. A dive into what companies need to think about as the metaverse expands to be a greater part of everyday life. View original article

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Twilio Customer Engagement Study: Why Companies Must Get CX Right

Twilio has released its third annual State of Customer Engagement Study exploring the opportunities and challenges for customer experience and why companies must make the investments to get customer engagement and experience right. Breaking down the findings and key actions from this year’s study. View original article

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Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trends Index: Exploring Hybrid Work And A Workforce In Transition

Microsoft shared its 2022 Work Trends Index, which looked at the pandemic induced impacts on work, technology, and how companies can build strong cultures and productive employees as remote and hybrid work continues to evolve in real time. View original article

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