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5 Artificial Intelligence Predictions For 2018

How will artificial intelligence change our lives in the upcoming year? Let’s take a look at 5 predictions for 2018. View original article

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3 Areas The IoT Will Impact You Without You Even Knowing

The IoT is revolutionizing our lives in more ways than you might realize. Here are five areas that are seeing an impact from the IoT. View original article

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How To Drive Employee Engagement With Workplace Gamification

70% of workplace transformations fail due to lack of engagement. To improve those numbers, businesses are turning to gamification techniques. Here’s why it works: View original article

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How Digital Transformation Aligns with Corporate Social Responsibility

In the last decade many major companies have made sustainability pledges. See how the digital transformation has helped companies reach and exceed their sustainability goals. View original article

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4 Ways Blockchain Will Transform Digital Marketing And Advertising

Blockchain technology is not just for the financial industry. Here are 4 different ways it can be used to disrupt marketing and advertising. View original article

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5 Predictions On How Blockchain Will Drive Digital Transformation

More and more companies are discovering different uses for blockchain technology. Here are 5 different ways blockchain is being used to drive digital transformation. View original article

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Customer Data Means Nothing Without An Action Plan

Collecting and analyzing customer data is useless unless you have an action plan. Here’s what your company needs to do. View original article

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Blockchain And Digital Transformation Go Hand In Hand

The customer needs to come first in order for the digital transformation to work. See how blockchain technology is aiding this change. View original article

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Four Reasons Software Suites Enable Device Flexibility And Mobility

Mobility is on the rise in the enterprise. See how device flexibility is the key driver in this change. View original article

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5 Key Practices Of Successful Remote Work Teams

You don’t have to sacrifice company culture for a remote workforce. Develop a strong culture with these communication suggestions. View original article

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