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How Customer Data Platforms Play A Role In Securing Big Data

A new market research report shows that by 2027, the overall big data security market will grow to $64.4 billion. A Look at how Customer Data Platforms help enable better security of customer data. View original article

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Upskilling Initiatives: Tech Leads The Investment In The Workforce Of Tomorrow

Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce have pledged money and created new programs to upskill their workforces starting a trend and bigger conversation about how to prepare today’s workforce for the future. View original article

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How Leading Global Companies Are Using Sustainability As A Market Differentiator

In the last few years, the desire to see programs, services, and investments that make a difference in the environment and the world are becoming an increasingly larger part of the CX conversation–Especially for large global brands. View original article

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How Automation, AI And Analytics Driving Martech Amidst Market Challenges

I’ve written a lot about the importance of the marketing stack in providing personalization and automation that will improve and enhance customer experience. Here are some insights on how Martech is enabling enterprises to overcome market challenges. View original article

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Four Principals For Building A Better Analytics Team

One of the most important elements of any effective analytics program is its guiding set of principles. Exploring 4 key principals to build a better analytics team View original article

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Why Business Must Strike A Balance With AI And Emotional Intelligence

As we turn to AI to do more tasks for us, the need for emotional intelligence has never been greater. How and why companies must strike the right balance between empathy and technology–especially as it relates to the use of AI. View original article

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What IT Leaders Need To Know About CDP Adoption

Customer Data Platforms are gaining popularity as companies look to better utilize all available data to deliver customer experiences. IT must work in lock-step with the business and data science teams to make this happen. View original article

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4 Actionable Customer Experience Statistics For 2020

Exploring 4 key data points that CX and Business executives can leverage in driving their 2020 strategies. View original article

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5 Tips For Data Protection With A Growing Shift To Work From Home

As more workers are now working at home, companies need to think about protecting data and the systems that are required to do so. Here are 5 tips for protecting data in the time of work from home and Covid-19 View original article

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Contact Tracing: The Need For Accurate Data Has Never Been Greater

A look at the technology driving contact tracing and why data is critical to success with future contact tracing efforts. View original article

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