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Adobe Study Suggests Record ECommerce Demand Coupled With Shortages Will Mean Complicated Holiday For Retail

New data from the Adobe Digital Economy Index, one of the most comprehensive reports of its kind, shows that consumers are ready to spend big this holiday season, but the delays and backlogs felt across the global supply chain will cause headaches for everyone. View original article

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NVIDIA’s Omniverse Announcements At GTC Further Validate The Merging Of Our Physical And Digital Worlds

While Meta and Microsoft may be garnering many headlines, NVIDIA has come out at this week’s GTC event with a compelling case that the company will be a critical contributor to the Meta, ahem, Omniverse. View original article

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Cisco Global Hybrid Work Index Identifies Employee Priorities In Post-Pandemic World

In October, Cisco released a new report, the Global Hybrid Work Index, to show how millions of businesses are managing the hybrid work environment in the pandemic’s second year. Exploring the data in the report and the secular trends that are changing work now and into the future. View original article

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Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2022

As we approach 2022, what will be the biggest trends in digital that will impact the year to come? In this piece, we explore 10 technology and digital transformation trends that will play a significant role for the next 12 months and beyond. View original article

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Amazon Devices Launch: Astro Headlines A Compelling Story Of Our Connected Future

Yesterday, Amazon held its annual Devices and Services event where the ecommerce giant unveiled several new devices, features, and smart home products designed to help improve customers’ lives. Headlined by its news Amazon Astro Robot, the event further revealed Amazon’s device strategy. View original article

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Cloud PCs: A New Frontier In Hybrid Work

This summer, Microsoft announced Windows 365, a cloud PC, that allows users to enjoy a personalized Windows experience on any personal or corporate device—from anywhere. Another piece of the hybrid work puzzle, which is rapidly changing as tech looks to make remote and hybrid work easier. View original article

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Does The Epic Ruling Open The Door For Apple’s Competition?

The ruling in the Epic vs. Apple case seemed to claim a victory for Epic and developers at large, but what does it really mean for Apple, its users, the developer community, and the future of competition for the mobile ecosystem? View original article

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IAA Mobility 2021: Top Tech Trends Collide As Data, Mobility, And Automotive Look To The Future

While we have all observed electrification, telematics, and infotainment, for example, rapidly advancing in our daily driving experience, here are six technology-centric trends at the IAA event that warrant further examination and are certain to have significant impact on the automotive industry. View original article

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The New Normal: Hybrid Work Means Greater Focus On Endpoint Security

With remote work here to stay for many organizations, endpoint security has never been more crucial. View original article

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Talent Shortages Are Magnifying The Need For Improving Employee Experience

That’s a problem now being felt especially in the tech industry, where a lack of skilled IT workers — especially in cloud field — could cause digital transformation to stall in its tracks. View original article

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