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Amazon Bringing One-Day Shipping To Prime Shows The Real Battle For Customers

Customer loyalty has never been more important. Amazon one-day shipping is just the latest announcement that shows how the battle for customers is heating up. View original article

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CIO’s and CMO’s: Achieving Convergence Of Infrastructure And Analytics

CIOs and CMOs need to work together to build the right infrastructure to support their analytics needs. This article explores the CIO/CMO convergence that needs to happen. View original article

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Could Blockchain Solve Our Growing Privacy Issue?

Could blockchain be the answer to the privacy crisis we are facing? Let’s take a look at how personal privacy protection with blockchain could be the solution. View original article

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What Is Privacy In The Age Of Digital Transformation?

What is the impact of privacy in the age of digital transformation? Do companies care, will they ever care? A look into the state of privacy and how it may be a differentiator in the future. View original article

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Analytics + AI: How Sales Can Get The Most From Data

Sales has a lot to gain from the implementation of AI, but it isn’t like flipping a switch. How can sales get the most from their data and leverage AI to improve performance? View original article

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AI and Personalization Transforming An Unlikely Industry: Fast Food

How is AI changing the way we consume fast food? With new capabilities to automate, mine and leverage data and improve customer experience, AI is having a big impact on the fast food industry. View original article

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5 Ways AI Is Transforming The Customer Experience

How may AI change the future of customer experience? From chatbots to 24×7 support, AI certainly has the ability to make things better (or worse). A look at 5 ways AI is shaping customer experience. View original article

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3 Technology Trends Enabling Digital Transformation Of The Supply Chain

Blockchain, Digital Twin and Big Data are driving digital transformation in the supply chain and helping industries like retail, automotive and pharmaceutical to deliver better products and services to their customers. View original article

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The Race For Data And The Cybersecurity Challenges This Creates

As we race to collect as much data as possible through rollouts of new apps, tools and hardware, we are leaving ourselves exposed to cybersecurity threats. Exploring the connection between fast adoption and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. View original article

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Mixed Reality Reboot: Could It Finally Take Off?

Mixed Reality has seen a wave of hype, often followed by market skepticism. This year, new products with more practical use cases are showing the potential for Mixed Reality to see a real growth of adoption – if the right applications are made the focus. View original article

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