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Using Hybrid Cloud To Meet The Challenges Of Modernizing Data Architectures

How, with hybrid cloud, in alignment with their multi-cloud implementations, organizations can continue to have their own private, on-premises IT infrastructure for their most mission critical data and systems, while also bringing in public cloud resource using a hybrid data architecture. View original article

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Customer Experience, Resilient Retail Take Center Stage At NRF 2023

As we are staring down a potential recession, the biggest names in technology, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP, showcased their latest innovations with a clear focus on both resilience and customer experience — two critical priorities for navigating what’s to come. View original article

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CES 2023 Recap: Pressing Forward With Connectivity And Convenience

This year’s CES is picking up where last year’s left off — with a continued focus on driving greater connectivity. A look at some of the big news in semiconductors, AI, automotive, metaverse, and More. View original article

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The Future Of Corporate Sustainability — Even In A Tough Economy

Sustainability is in focus now, but as economic conditions get tougher, companies will need to be more focused on economical ESG to meet commitments while also showing consumers and enterprise customers that sustainability remains a priority for the long term. View original article

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Big Tech Earnings Put Advertising, Privacy, And User Experience In Focus

Apple, Amazon, and Meta led a barrage of Big Tech Earnings where this quarter, the stark contrast between Apple and Meta provide a powerful indicator of how Advertising, Privacy, and User Experience are separating Apple’s strength from Meta’s woes. View original article

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Google Cloud Next: Impressive Customer Wins Indicate Momentum For Google Cloud

The cloud market is increasingly competitive, and while AWS and Microsoft have been the leaders by market share, we have seen in recent times names like Oracle, IBM, and Google, all ambitiously working to compete in the cloud marketplace with each finding footing as cloud adoption continues to pr… View original article

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Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2023

Every year I set out to predict what the biggest digital transformation and technology trends are going to be in the next year. This year, we look at another ten from multicloud to ESG to the next generation of vehicles. As 2023 approaches here are 10 trends to keep an eye on. View original article

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Salesforce Delivers Big CRM And Slack Updates At Dreamforce 2022

At Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce’s global customer conference, the company made a bevy of announcements at the event, but two major announcements caught my attention, warranting further analysis: Salesforce Genie and Slack Canvas. A deeper dive into the big innovation at this year’s conference. View original article

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E-Commerce Popularity Ignites Growing Investment In Warehouse Automation

Despite some signs of a slowing economy, the e-commerce driving growth we experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to remain and greater automation of warehouses and supply chains are going to be critical to meeting customer demand and managing operating costs. View original article

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The Future Of Work: More Hybrid, More Collaborative, More Automated

As companies pursue digital transformation — investing in new ways to collaborate, using AI to improve sales and marketing, and choose which channels were most effective for reaching their customers. One thing is for sure, work is shifting to be more hybrid, collaborative, and automated. View original article

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