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Meta Launches Ad-Free Paid Model In Europe: Does This Solve The Privacy Issue?

Meta has made the decision to offer ad-free subscription is to comply with changing European regulations. A look at the new offerings and how they may evolve. View original article

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Mitel Acquires Unify Becoming World’s Second Largest Unified Communications Company Worldwide

There has been some major news this week in the unified communications (UC) space with Mitel acquiring Unify becoming the world’s second largest UC company. View original article

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Oracle Doubles Down On Generative AI Trend At CloudWorld 2023

This year at Oracle CloudWorld, the company advanced its generative AI strategy across its cloud infrastructure, apps, and platforms. Exploring this year’s announcements. View original article

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Microsoft Leans Into Its AI Strategy With Copilot, Surface And More At NYC Event

Microsoft made major updates to its AI strategy with announcements around Copilot, Surface, Windows, and more at its New York City event on September 21, 2023. View original article

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There’s A New Copilot In Town: Dreamforce 2023 Reveals Its AI Roadmap At Salesforce

This year at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference the company showed off its AI strategy including its Copilot, its Einstein 1 platform and more. View original article

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5 Standout Announcements As Tech Takes IAA Mobility 2023 By Storm

It’s been a busy year in automotive technology and IAA Mobility 2023 proved more big advancements are on the way. A look at 5 standout announcements at IAA Mobility 2023. View original article

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Google Delivers A Flurry Of Generative AI Announcements At Google Cloud Next 2023

At Google Cloud Next, Google announced a range of services and upgrades coming down the line for enterprises and developers, some of which are already generally available View original article

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Salesforce Sees Its AI Prospects Grow With Einstein Studio And BYOM

In the ping pong match of generative AI announcements, it’s once again Salesforce’s turn to make a stir, this time with its Einstein Studio and Bring Your Own Model. View original article

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Microsoft Doubles Down On Generative AI, Announcing Copilot Pricing And New Generative AI Skills

Microsoft announced new pricing and features for its Copilot along with Bing search enterprise. A look at Microsoft’s AI strategy and its competitive outlook. View original article

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The Future Of AI—And Everything Else—Is Hybrid

Qualcomm recently released a white paper titled, “The Future of AI is Hybrid.” In this piece we explore why role edge has to play with AI and why AI will be Hybrid. View original article

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