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Does The Epic Ruling Open The Door For Apple’s Competition?

The ruling in the Epic vs. Apple case seemed to claim a victory for Epic and developers at large, but what does it really mean for Apple, its users, the developer community, and the future of competition for the mobile ecosystem? View original article

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IAA Mobility 2021: Top Tech Trends Collide As Data, Mobility, And Automotive Look To The Future

While we have all observed electrification, telematics, and infotainment, for example, rapidly advancing in our daily driving experience, here are six technology-centric trends at the IAA event that warrant further examination and are certain to have significant impact on the automotive industry. View original article

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The New Normal: Hybrid Work Means Greater Focus On Endpoint Security

With remote work here to stay for many organizations, endpoint security has never been more crucial. View original article

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Talent Shortages Are Magnifying The Need For Improving Employee Experience

That’s a problem now being felt especially in the tech industry, where a lack of skilled IT workers — especially in cloud field — could cause digital transformation to stall in its tracks. View original article

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5 Steps For Containing App Sprawl In The Workplace

When the pandemic first began, many employers turned to technology to keep employees connected and engaged. Now, in some cases, employees have so many apps they find it hard to be productive. A look at how to manage this very real, and important challenge. View original article

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Want To Improve Digital Adoption? Harness The Data

Most companies struggle with software adoption. The application of data and the utilization of a growing category of digital adoption platforms can streamline the deployment of software and successful employee adoption across the enterprise. View original article

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36 States Sue Google Over Aggressive Terms As Big Tech Remains In Focus

This summer has seen a wave of antitrust lawsuits and proposed bills targeting Big Tech — and there are no signs of slowing. Google is now the target of 36 states that are suing the company for its aggressive app store terms. View original article

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Personalize Or Perish: State Of Personalization Report For 2021

Just how important is personalization? In this year’s annual Twilio Segment report, first released in 2017, the opinions of nearly 3,000 consumers and business decision makers, showed that personalization has become a “basic expectation” among consumers. A dive into the state of personalization. View original article

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The New Future Of Work Requires Greater Focus On Employee Engagement

According to a new survey released by Microsoft, the pandemic increased the focus on employee engagement. This means companies need to do more to keep employees connected to the company, even when remote, while managing health and wellness and trying to avoid burnout. View original article

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The Onus Of Security: Consumer Responsibility Or Companies?

Data breaches continue to plague companies and harm consumers. Passwords are too often what we depend upon to keep our data safe, but too often they don’t work. A look at password challenges and the role of business and consumers in keeping data more safe. View original article

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