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How Blockchain Is Changing Digital Marketing

Blockchain is starting to have a bigger impact on digital marketing driving transparency and digital control back to users. Exploring the trend and what it means to marketers. View original article

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Voice Technology And CRM: A New Partnership?

Voice technology is about to become a big component to powering CRM with companies like Salesforce and Microsoft betting on the impact of voice technology, AI and chatbots for CRM. View original article

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Stitch Fix: A Useful Case Study For Retail’s Digital Transformation

How Stitch Fix is bringing retail digital transformation to life with its use of data, analytics and customer experience. View original article

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Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends In Retail For 2020

Retail continues to evolve as e-commerce, omni-channel and greater customer demands mean bigger challenges for retailers. However, technology can help as can strategically implementing around the biggest digital transformation trends in retail. Here are the Top 5. View original article

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4 Growing Enterprise AI Trends: Where Are We Now And Where Are We Going?

Enterprise AI is growing rapidly and companies are moving into the next phase of AI adoption. But there are challenges to overcome as AI becomes more human and as ethics continue to be a concern. View original article

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RPA In The Real World: Driving Marketing, Analytics, Productivity and Security

Robotic Process Automation is poised to take off. An in depth look at how businesses use RPA to move improve productivity, marketing, and security. View original article

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Are CMOs Going Extinct?

With the rapid proliferation of analytics, machine learning and AI, is the CMO role at risk? Perhaps not immediately, but it could be if CMO’s don’t changes as fast as the technology is changing around them. View original article

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Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in Education for 2020

Digital transformation is revolutionizing every industry. We are revisiting the top digital transformation trends for education for 2020. View original article

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Alphabet’s Smart City Project Set To Help The Environment, But Leaves Questions On Data Usage

The Alphabet smart city project in Toronto is poised to move forward with a lot of good intention, but still with some looming questions around the use of data. Exploring the project, how it will help the environment and what will happen to all of the data. View original article

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Return On IoT: Dealing With The IoT Skills Gap

IoT and the data it creates is a tremendous opportunity to better run businesses, operations and create customer experiences. However, organizations have a long way to go with building their skills to support the opportunities around IoT. View original article

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