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Digital Optimization Isn’t Digital Transformation

Optimizing your business with technology is not the same as digital transformation with a customer centric approach. Next generation technologies can enable digital transformation if they are properly utilized. View original article

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5 Roadblocks Holding Back Your Data-Driven Goals?

Having data-driven goals and achieving them are very different things. Here are 5 roadblocks to achieving your data-driven goals. View original article

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Toyota’s New Augmented Reality Shopping Experience: A Shift In The Car Buying Journey?

Toyota is bringing immersive AR experiences to consumers everywhere. A first look into the technology itself and a take on whether the market will respond positively. View original article

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How Marketers Are Using AI And Machine Learning To Grow Audiences

MarTech has changed the game for both B2B and B2C marketers. Read how marketers are using AI and machine learning to reach and engage customers. View original article

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Why AI Journey Mapping Is Critical For Digital Transformation

AI for AI sake isn’t good enough. Why companies looking to incorporate AI need to map their AI journey. View original article

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Amazon Bringing One-Day Shipping To Prime Shows The Real Battle For Customers

Customer loyalty has never been more important. Amazon one-day shipping is just the latest announcement that shows how the battle for customers is heating up. View original article

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CIO’s and CMO’s: Achieving Convergence Of Infrastructure And Analytics

CIOs and CMOs need to work together to build the right infrastructure to support their analytics needs. This article explores the CIO/CMO convergence that needs to happen. View original article

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Could Blockchain Solve Our Growing Privacy Issue?

Could blockchain be the answer to the privacy crisis we are facing? Let’s take a look at how personal privacy protection with blockchain could be the solution. View original article

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What Is Privacy In The Age Of Digital Transformation?

What is the impact of privacy in the age of digital transformation? Do companies care, will they ever care? A look into the state of privacy and how it may be a differentiator in the future. View original article

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Analytics + AI: How Sales Can Get The Most From Data

Sales has a lot to gain from the implementation of AI, but it isn’t like flipping a switch. How can sales get the most from their data and leverage AI to improve performance? View original article

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