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Exploring The State Of Customer Data Platforms

According to a new “State of the CDP” report from Treasure Data, CDPs are becoming a valuable member of the marketing team, but integration and adoption continue to present challenges as companies seek to better understand customers and deliver more personalized experiences. View original article

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3 Opportunities For CMOs To Capitalize On In 2021

As we head out of the 2020 pandemic, slowly, what are key opportunities that CMOs can capitalize on View original article

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4 Vertical Use Cases For Edge Computing Driven By IoT Growth

There are a few challenges to IoT data storage and consumption that many large enterprises are running into. However, its rapid growth cannot be ignored, which has propelled the growth of edge computing across several big industries with large forecasts for further growth ahead. View original article

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How 2020 Is Shaping Customer Engagement Now And In The Future

Customer engagement has always been important, but 2020, Covid-19, and digitalization have put it into the spotlight. 95 percent of companies plan to continue investing in digital customer engagement even when the pandemic is over. View original article

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Honesty, Transparency, And Data Collection: Improving Customer Trust And Loyalty

Companies like Google and Facebook have built empires from data, but due to countless breaches and threats, there’s finally some push back on what used to seem like an unregulated aspect of business. Exploring the role of privacy, its application, and what lies ahead. View original article

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What Should CMOs Focus On In 2021?

Companies around the world are dealing with not just digital transformation and growing customer expectations, but the continued pandemic, decreased budgets, and changing customer priorities. View original article

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Big Tech Provides A Shot In The Arm To Vaccine Rollout

Exploring the various ways that big tech is participating in the distribution and management of vaccine efforts, while also leveraging tech, resources, and community involvement to aid in support. A positive for society, and the companies involved. View original article

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4 Ways AI And ML Enhance The B2B Buyers’ Journey

Just as consumer marketing teams have found AI-driven martech to help them reach their buyers where they are, B2B marketing teams are starting to realize that AI can do similar things to enhance their business customers’ journeys. View original article

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Exploring 5 Top Retail Trends At NRF 2021

NRF 2021, like so many events over the past year went fully remote for its first chapter, which focused on key leadership initiatives and the future of retail. This piece focuses on six themes and five trends identified at this year’s NRF chapter 1. View original article

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6 Key Themes Driving Headlines At CES 2021

There were several key themes that drove headlines throughout this year’s CES, which for the first time went fully virtual. Here are six of the key themes and announcements and analysis to back why these themes were so pervasive throughout this year’s event. View original article

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