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Bigger Isn’t Always Better: It’s All About Lean Data

In the world of big data, most companies could benefit by being a bit more particular in the data collected with the goal of applying it more effectively to driving customer experience and operational excellence. View original article

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How AI Is Making Sentiment Analysis Easy

There is so much more information in the form of unstructured data that could help companies better understand their customers. A Look at how sentiment analysis powered by AI could help companies deliver better customer experience and more. View original article

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Why CMOs Need To Be Involved In Privacy Policy Creation

Since marketers gather and use most of the data pulled by businesses today, however, it’s essential that they begin to take a leading role in crafting privacy policy—whether they like it or not. View original article

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Top 4 Digital Transformation Trends In Media And Entertainment For 2020

Digital transformation is revolutionizing every industry. We are revisiting the top digital transformation trends for entertainment and media for 2020 View original article

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AI And CRM: Will Customer Management Get Easier?

New developments in natural language processing and machine learning could (and will) help make customer management easier than ever before. View original article

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Will CDOs Replace CMOs?

The truth is digital transformation itself is disrupting the entire way companies structure their businesses, even wiping out some age-old job descriptions altogether. View original article

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Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends In Manufacturing For 2020

Taking a look into the biggest digital transformation trends in manufacturing for the year 2020 including IoT, 5G, Predictive Analytics and more. View original article

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Facial Recognition Software: Where Are We Now?

Where are we at with facial recognition software and where is it going. What are the privacy implications and how should marketers and brands be considering putting the technology to good use. View original article

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How Blockchain Is Changing Digital Marketing

Blockchain is starting to have a bigger impact on digital marketing driving transparency and digital control back to users. Exploring the trend and what it means to marketers. View original article

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Voice Technology And CRM: A New Partnership?

Voice technology is about to become a big component to powering CRM with companies like Salesforce and Microsoft betting on the impact of voice technology, AI and chatbots for CRM. View original article

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