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Where Does Audio Fit In The Future Of Marketing?

There’a a lot of talk about audio marketing, but will it ever actually take off? Let’s take a look at what a few experts have to say. View original article

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NRF 2020: 6 Trends Are Driving Big Retail

While the explosive growth of Amazon has led to some fairly strong predictions of the demise of retail, you would never have known by walking the halls of New York’s Javitz Center during NRF 2020 this past week. Exploring the biggest trends from NRF 2020 View original article

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5 Steps To Audit Your Digital Transformation Efforts

Performing a digital transformation audit as an annual task—at minimum—would be a worthwhile investment in your organization. Here are 5 steps to reviewing your digital transformation efforts to stay ahead of disruption and drive important change in your company. View original article

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Why AI As A Service Will Take off In 2020

The combination of the SaaS business model and AI services could help bring AI to the masses without a heavy price tag. View original article

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Why The Future Of Data Analytics Is Prescriptive Analytics

Could data analytics be poised for a new change? Prescriptive analytics is here to shake up what we know about data and AI. View original article

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AI And Analytics: Optimizing Your Digital Customer Journey Map

Rather than a linear map moving the customer from Point A (your first touchpoint of marketing) to Point B (the point of purchase), digital customer journey maps today look more like elaborate pinball games. View original article

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5 Key Themes That Will Dominate Headlines At CES 2020

As 2019’s final days wind down, the New Year is upon us and with a new year comes another edition of CES. What will be some of the biggest themes of CES 2020? An in depth look to the trends that will shape CES 2020. View original article

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Top 9 Digital Transformation Trends In Automotive For 2020

Digital transformation is revolutionizing every industry. Here are the top digital transformation trends for the automotive industry for 2019 View original article

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Digital Transformation Roadmap For Laggards

Some businesses haven’t fully embraced the digital transformation. Here’s a roadmap for those feeling behind the curve. View original article

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better: It’s All About Lean Data

In the world of big data, most companies could benefit by being a bit more particular in the data collected with the goal of applying it more effectively to driving customer experience and operational excellence. View original article

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