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Customer Data Platforms: Why They’ll Make A Difference In Your Business

If there’s one thing we can all agree on in the age of digital transformation, it’s this: there is so much data available about our customers. View original article

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Making Video An Effective Part Of Your COVID-19 Marketing Strategy

With physical events and personal selling all but out of the picture for the time being, digital events are going to be the way. A look at how incorporating video is critical to marketing strategy going forward as Covid-19 continues to constrain businesses large and small. View original article

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How Innovation Is Driving Productivity During And Beyond The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to rapidly evolve, but without past, present and future innovation, many of these changes would have been impossible. Exploring how innovation has made it possible for businesses to sustain a sense of normal during the pandemic. View original article

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Google Slashes Its Marketing Budget: What Does This Mean?

Google came out this week announcing that it is cutting its marketing budget in half for the remainder of 2020. What does this cut mean for Google and what is it saying about the company’s expectations for the remainder of the year. View original article

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Privacy Pros And Cons As Apple And Google Look Into Using Data To Trace COVID-19

Big Tech is using consumer data to help government and the healthcare system better understand the spread of Covid-19. But what privacy implications should be considered by consumers? View original article

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3 Key Considerations For Managing Customer Experience During COVID-19

There is a delicate balance between focusing on the current challenges of Covid-19 and the important marketing that companies will need to do to sustain as the pandemic is abated. in this piece we explore key considerations for getting back to business. View original article

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Digital Transformation For Good Shines As We Fight Covid-19

One of the core principles of digital transformation is that it is meant to improve customer experience. View original article

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Events Are Going Digital: Should Your Company Follow?

As events have been shuttered due to COVID-19 companies have moved to a digital event strategy. A look into the pivots being made and what companies need to consider when moving to digital events. View original article

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Leaning Into Digital To Drive Business When Traditional Face-To-Face Is Impossible

What should companies be thinking about in their efforts to continue marketing and driving business during this time where traditional events and face-to-face meetings are impossible. View original article

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Using AI To Identify Your Best Customers In The Future

AI and predictive analytics are still making an impact for businesses in terms of identifying customer trends, building customer profiles, and constructing tighter potential target audiences. View original article

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