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5 IoT Trends To Watch In 2021

With a pandemic fueled 2020, digital transformation accelerated rapidly, and with increased connectivity, thanks to 5G and faster WiFi and improvements in AI and machine learning, IoT looks set to deepen its roots in our lives and industries. View original article

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4 AI Trends Set To Accelerate In 2020

The coming year is going to see the continued impact of artificial intelligence. Here are four applications that we will see strong continued investment and adoption in 2021. View original article

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The Industrial IoT Data Expansion And The Future Of Work

The promise of IoT for Industrial applications have long been touted, but we are still in the early phases of delivering on the promise of connected industrial environments. What is happening with IIoT and what will its impact be on the future of work? In this piece we explore the trends. View original article

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Will We See A Technology Repatriation Post-Covid?

Almost overnight, even the least tech literate companies were forced to move business to the cloud, buy collaboration platforms, and start using SaaS applications to keep their business running and their employees safe. But when we finally beat Covid-19, will things go back to how they were? View original article

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Distributed Companies, Work From Home, And The Technology Enabling The Change

In the last 6 months, companies have kept employees productive and safe at home while still accomplishing goals. However, it takes more than just video meetings. Here are some key areas to consider when managing flexible work amidst the pandemic. View original article

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How The Pandemic Is Fueling The Digital Transformation Of Sports

With the pandemic still limiting or eliminating fans in the stands, sports has had to adapt with technology and creativity to deliver a fan experience that keeps fans engaged and invested in their teams and leagues. A look at the digital transformation of sports. View original article

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Amazon Invests Big In People Amidst The Pandemic-Why This Is Good For Its Brand

Amazon has made large hiring and upskilling investments throughout the global pandemic. This has led to more than 100,000 jobs. Why these investments are good for the future of Amazon and its overall brand affinity. View original article

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Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Update Changes The Complexion Of User Data Collection

With its new privacy update impacting the way advertisers collect data, Apple is changing the complexion of data collection which will materially change the way advertisers collect and use data to deliver targeted ads and customer experience. View original article

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Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2021

What will the biggest tech and digital transformation trends be for 2021? In this piece we highlight 10 of the biggest trends that will impact the way we work, live and communicate in the coming year. View original article

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How Tech Is Leading A Marketing Comeback Following The Pandemic Driven Slowdown

After Covid-19 hit, many companies including Google made massive cuts to their marketing budgets, but a comeback is underway and tech companies are leading the way through investment and a focus on investing in their customers. View original article

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