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2023 Telesign Trust Index Finds Companies Responsible For Protecting Privacy, Not Consumers

The 2023 Telesign Trust Index found a growing concern among consumers about digital fraud. Why businesses must take a proactive approach to protect their customers. View original article

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IBM Launches watsonx: Paving A Path To Faster Enterprise AI Adoption

Exploring the new IBM watsonx offering. A full tech stack for training, deploying, and supporting AI capabilities across any cloud environment, as well as a model library that includes foundation models vetted and curated by IBM. WatsonX also features a governance tool to support responsible AI. View original article

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The Future Of Personalization: What You Need To Know

In the age of big data, consumers are demanding more personalized experiences from the brands they interact with. AI is quickly becoming the go-to tech for delivering these experiences at scale. Exploring top trends in AI personalization, and how businesses can use this technology to improve CX. View original article

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The Race Continues: Google Search Set To Be Backed By Conversational AI

The addition of Generative AI capabilities to Google Search will be critical if Google intends to remain the top search engine globally. And while there are more questions than answers at this time, Google is going to be adding conversational to its search platform and it should be well received. View original article

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ChatGPT Fan? Here Are 10 More Generative AI Tools Worth Trying

While ChatGPT and Google Bard have received many of the headlines as it comes to generative AI tools, there are a whole bunch of other interesting off the shelf tools that users can try today. After a bit of digging, here are 10 of my favorites so far. View original article

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Adobe Jumps Into The Generative AI Race With Firefly Creative Support

Last week at Adobe Summit, the company announced its first generative AI service, Adobe Firefly. Analyzing Adobe’s offering and the overall generative AI landscape. What should Adobe customers expect and when can they gain access to the new services. View original article

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Microsoft Copilot: Generative AI Adds An MBA To Your Day-To-Day

Futurum Principal Analyst, Daniel Newman looks at Microsoft Office 365 Copilot and talks about how he sees it helping out organizations today and how he expects it to shake-out in the future. While it is early days for generative AI, Microsoft, Google, Meta, and more are pushing innovation. View original article

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Exploring The Ins And Outs Of The Generative AI Boom

What started with ChatGPT has bloomed into an entire subcategory of technology with Meta, AWS, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft all racing to out innovate and deliver exciting generative AI capabilities to consumers, enterprise, developers, and more. Exploring the rapid progress in the AI space. View original article

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Mobile World Congress 2023: Unpacking The Top Themes From AI To 5G And More

Mobile World Congress 2023 saw the world’s largest mobile and telco event return to normal with megatrends like 5G, AI, Sustainability, and Connectivity all in focus. A dive into trends, themes, partnerships, and eye-catching moments from this year’s MWC in Barcelona. View original article

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Uber Goes Big On Cloud With Google And Oracle As Cloud Architecture Debate Continues

This past week Uber Technologies Inc. announced it will make seven-year deals with both Alphabet Inc.’s Google Cloud and Oracle Corp to eliminate its reliance on the global hardware supply chain and turn to cloud for its future growth as the debate between on-prem and public cloud continues on. View original article

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