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Learn the digital transformation secrets of the world's most enduring companies: Find out what they do to build stability in times of constant change, and most importantly, how they make their business "Futureproof." More than ever before, well-established companies are succumbing to wave after wave of disruption from new entrants, new technologies, and new customer expectations. Companies like Kodak, Blockbuster Video and Xerox weren't able to cope with the pace and scope of disruption, and now they're all but gone. No business leader wants to be next. The pressure is on to adapt. As organizations begin to cope with the realization that digital transformation is the key to their survival in the age of technology-driven business, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that digital transformation is merely a technology investment play. It isn't. There is a larger operational vision at play here, and the world's most adaptable companies have already figured out what it is. Broken down into its core components, it consists of 7 operational pillars that help organizations accelerate digital transformation, manage change, and turn disruption into a tireless engine of opportunity. In this book, you will learn: * 7 futureproofing pillars that drive a digitally-transformed enterprise * Why companies that focus on experience design are so much more successful than those that don't. * How to recruit, develop and motivate the workforce of the future. * Why the world's most successful companies have learned to put change at the heart of their business model. * How stalled organizations can unlock their innovation potential and become game-changers in their own right. * Why data-driven mindsets win and how that affects your technology investment strategy. * Why culture is the most important building block of a futureproof business, and how you can shape yours.


To understand an object or concept, you must identify and value the sum of its parts. Most business managers fail to truly understand digital strategies. They focus instead on outcomes… what they want the business to get from digital efforts, then they make educated guesses about the best way to accomplish those outcomes. The problem is that they never stop to create the business basis for their digital strategy. They understand the what and how, but they don’t stop long enough to understand the why.

Not understanding the foundation for your digital program can cost your company time, resources, efforts, and money. But, don’t worry, The Ultimate Field Guide to Digital Program Management can help.

The Ultimate Field Guide to Digital Program Management helps you identify and learn the value of each component of your digital strategy. To do this, the guide takes you through 10 steps in creating an effective digital program, focused on your business’s goals and objectives. The guide also gives you plenty of customizable signposts in the form of 100 tips and case studies along the way.

The Ultimate Field Guide to Digital Program Management is not a book you’ll read once, then put on a shelf. The guide will serve as a reference book for all of your digital efforts and direct you to online success.

Book - Digital Program Management
Book - Building Dragons


Learn to transform your business into a dragon: an agile company fit to adapt, innovate and thrive even in disruptive times. Unlike unicorns, which, for all their popularity, tend to rely on risky and experimental business models, dragons are established companies that continue to leverage their original startup mentality to systematically innovate their way to profitability. What makes dragons so much more interesting to executives than unicorns is that they are not built merely on potential and popularity, but on purposeful reinvention, scalable market dominance, and a commitment to long term success. Maybe the best part about the dragon model is that, equipped with the right roadmap and the right set of tools, any business can learn to become more agile and transform itself into a dragon. In this book, you will learn: • How dragons turn emerging market trends into transformative business opportunities. • How experiences have become as important to consumers as goods and services. • What key technologies every business must adopt to remain competitive. • What digital transformation is, and what it really means to your business. • The role that leadership plays in driving culture change and digital transformation. • How to teach your organization to adapt to change and evolve faster than it ever has. • How to not only adapt to disruption but turn it into a profitable business model. With bonus insights from SAP, HP, IBM and more, this book will help you get to a sustainable, scalable level of digital excellence.

Evolve: Marketing as we know it is Doomed

Right now, Marketing is the business function that is changing more rapidly than any other. Driven by the shift in digital information and social media, the buyer's journey is evolving at a breakneck pace; business needs to evolve too. Marketing’s role has always been about creating customers, and like the buyer's journey, this role has changed dramatically. We are now tasked with including customers in developing products that adapt to their demands.

From direct marketing to social media to content marketing to online influence, every facet of business communication is changing. The role of Marketing is expanding, and along with it, best practices must be transformed. Today's marketer must understand the vast number of channels through which businesses communicate with their customers. They must also understand how to build meaningful relationships with consumers to spread awareness, build brand affinity, maximize word of mouth and drive external influence. The end goal is to create not just a customer, but also an advocate who becomes a purveyor of your brand.

This book will help you:
* Better understand the seismic shift in marketing that has taken place over the past 20 years.
* See clearly the opportunity to achieve marketing ROI rather than chasing meaningless metrics.
* Learn what brands are doing to achieve community and build loyal customers who spread their brand promise.
* Learn what brands really need to consider when investing in social media programs, and where you may have been misled.
* Build confidence that your marketing strategy aligns with the trends taking place in traditional and digital marketing.

Marketers must evolve, because marketing, as we know it, is doomed. But it isn't too late; in fact, you are in exactly the right place to start your journey into the future of marketing.

Book - Evolve
Book - The new rules of customer engagement

The New Rules of Customer Engagement

Imagine a world where you never had to sell anything…
Every day the ideal number of clients with needs aligned perfectly to what you have to offer would walk through the door and shout:
“I’ll take it!”
What if I told you this is already happening? Albeit selling isn’t quite that simple. And the customers aren’t really just arriving sight unseen, ready to buy. But in a very subtle way, brands are driving buying decisions long before the sales department ever becomes involved.
This leaves us all to ask, how?
Suppose it’s January 2nd 2014… picture yourself waking up in the New Year and deciding it’s time to buy a new car. What is the first thing you do?
Perhaps you pick up the newspaper or PennySaver and see what special savings are being offered? Or maybe you hop in your car and drive from dealership to dealership looking for the best deal?
You could do either. However, in today’s economy, it’s more likely you would do neither.
Instead, you would take your iPad or Smartphone off the charger, head over to your sofa, put your feet up on the ottoman and start surfing.
You would scroll through the car review sites; perhaps browse over to the carmakers’ webpages to explore what special offers and incentives they’re offering. Then, you would pop onto Facebook with one point of focus: to ask for your friends’ opinions on the car(s) that now – after thorough online research – earned a place on your short list.
Without ever leaving the couch, you’ve determined:
•Which car you want
•What features are most attractive
•The vehicle’s MSRP and invoice cost
•The target price you’ll most likely pay
•A trustworthy estimate of what your trade-in should be worth
•Your most up-to-date credit score
•The interest rate you’ll most likely pay on the car loan
•The competitive lending site where you’ll prequalify for that loan
Finally, in just a few short hours, you will walk into the dealership that seems to have the most appealing online presence and best customer service ratings. In your hand will be a printout of the vehicle you want, the value of your trade, the price, interest rate and a pre-approved loan. You will look at the guy in the yellow short-sleeved dress shirt and the plaid tie and you will say:
“I’ll take it!”
In an informed economy, this is the new way of doing business. And these are the new rules of customer engagement.
This is more than just a trend. These new rules are already impacting everything transactional – not only how we as consumers buy things personally, but how businesses consume as well. B2B, B2C, P2P… it doesn’t matter. We are all consumers looking to buy in a new economy.
This is a scary and exciting time – and the perfect opportunity for nimble business to embrace these new rules – and prosper through deliberate engagement.
Are you ready for what comes next?
In the “The New Rules of Customer Engagement” you will:
•Gain clarity on how the information age is a driving force for businesses to embrace social, mobile and content marketing
•Learn the importance of P2P over traditional B2B and B2C – and specifically how our perspective is driven from all our experiences as consumers
•Better understand how to leverage consumer knowledge to drive innovation within the customer environment
•Learn how to build an engaged business network that leads to customer advocacy and huge business growth through word-of-mouth referrals and online testimonials
•Be motivated to consider the importance of building a customer-centric business from top to bottom that yields goodwill and dramatically improved business outcomes
“The New Rules of Customer Engagement | The Irreversible Trends Transforming the Sale” is a must read for C-level executives, business and franchise owners, middle-level managers – and those with a passion for leading their business to success… through engagement.

The Millennial CEO

Other generations have spent a lot of time and effort in defining the "Mysterious Millennial". In the eyes of the experts, Millennial CEO might seem like a hiring mistake, or a mythical beast that can't exist outside of entrepreneurship. How about a book that breaks through those incorrect assumptions?

Daniel Newman's story is one of adversity and unprecedented accomplishment. The Millennial CEO is a chronicle of observations and life lessons, touching on three critical areas of business: Leadership, Social Savvy, and Operations. Built as a series of stand-alone stories, The Millennial CEO is your firsthand guide to the leadership style that made a difference for Daniel Newman - a style that all leaders (aspirational or actual) would do well to understand and practice. In this book, you will learn:

- How to transcend the (unfair) reputation of Millennials
- How corporations can turn cross-generational differences into competitive advantage
- Leadership lessons from the Big Chair - with a Millennial focus and sensibility

The new origins of leadership are here - the leadership lessons of The Millennial CEO.

Book - The Millennial CEO

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