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Why You Need A Customer Data Platform For First-Party Data

Increasing pressure on data privacy is putting more necessity on enterprise CMOs and leaders to facilitate first-party data and CDP solutions will be key to enabling enterprises to unlock customer data and experiences without being intrusive or relying on no longer available third-party data.

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Exploring The State Of Customer Data Platforms

According to a new “State of the CDP” report from Treasure Data, CDPs are becoming a valuable member of the marketing team, but integration and adoption continue to present challenges as companies seek to better understand customers and deliver more personalized experiences.

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4 Vertical Use Cases For Edge Computing Driven By IoT Growth

There are a few challenges to IoT data storage and consumption that many large enterprises are running into. However, its rapid growth cannot be ignored, which has propelled the growth of edge computing across several big industries with large forecasts for further growth ahead.

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