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5 Steps For Containing App Sprawl In The Workplace

When the pandemic first began, many employers turned to technology to keep employees connected and engaged. Now, in some cases, employees have so many apps they find it hard to be productive. A look at how to manage this very real, and important challenge.

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Want To Improve Digital Adoption? Harness The Data

Most companies struggle with software adoption. The application of data and the utilization of a growing category of digital adoption platforms can streamline the deployment of software and successful employee adoption across the enterprise.

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Personalize Or Perish: State Of Personalization Report For 2021

Just how important is personalization? In this year’s annual Twilio Segment report, first released in 2017, the opinions of nearly 3,000 consumers and business decision makers, showed that personalization has become a “basic expectation” among consumers. A dive into the state of personalization.

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